Powder Coating Alloy Wheel Repair & Refurbishment

If your alloy wheels have picked up some scuffs and scratches along the way, powder coating will make them good as new again, giving a high quality finish that looks simply stunning. Not only is powder coating your wheels far more cost-effective than replacing them, the hard-waring finish will help protect them, extending their life by ensuring they stay looking great for longer.

Powder coating offers a wide range of colour and finish options, and depending on your preference, we can either match the original colour and finish of your wheels, or work with you to help you create the bespoke result you’re looking for.


We’ll prepare your wheels for the powder coating process by immersing them in an acid bath to strip them of all original paint and lacquer before dealing with any damage to the rim edges or face. Next, the wheels will be cleaned in our pressure-fed blast cabinet ensuring a clean and fully degreased surface. To remove any air or contaminants from the alloy, the wheels will be gently heated to 200°C for twenty minutes. They are then ready to be powder coat primed and part cured before being wet painted in the relevant colour – selected from a vast choice of pre matched paints – and cured between coats. Finally, a lacquer coat will be applied, enhancing the finish, but also protecting the alloy wheel from environmental effects including sunlight, salt, moisture and dirt. Once cured, tyres are refitted and wheels are balanced.

If you’d like to know whether your alloy wheels are suitable for powder coating, our specialist technicians will be pleased to advise you.